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How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase

how to arrange flowers in a vase

how to arrange flowers in a vase - Arranging Flowers

Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series)

Arranging Flowers (Best of Martha Stewart Living Series)

Fresh blossoms can add beauty to any room in any season. Display them at their natural best by learning Martha's basic principles and favorite techniques. Gorgeous color photographs and detailed instructions will teach you how to use floral tools and supplies, choose classic vases as well as unusual containers, condition flowers so they last as long as possible, plan and harvest a cutting garden, and design both the simplest and most dramatic arrangements for spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

A beautiful floral arrangement can add the perfect touch of beauty and elegance to your home, and who would know this better than our favorite doyenne of the dainty, Martha Stewart. In Arranging Flowers, Martha shares basic principles and techniques for creating lovely bouquets for any occasion or season. "Flowers," Martha declares, "belong everywhere, in every nook and cranny of the house." Assuming no special knowledge or skill from the reader, Martha takes you step by step through the process of finding the perfect vase for your arrangement, conditioning cut flowers for maximum beauty and lifespan, and creating a sturdy foundation for your creation.
The second half of this book is an exposition on seasonal arrangements, along with specific tips on growing, buying, and caring for individual types of flowers. One of the great charms of this book is the trademark lavish photos that are in all Martha Stewart books. Nearly every page of Arranging Flowers features beautiful, vivid photos of flower bouquets of all types, from humble Sweet Peas to the glorious Double-Headed Peony. With Martha as your guide, even the most ham-fisted palooka will be inspired to create dazzling works of floral art. --Perry Atterberry

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August 14: Welcome Home Love Bugs!

August 14: Welcome Home Love Bugs!

Tomorrow, Eric and Jenn return for their honeymoon. We wanted them to feel loved and special, so we met up with Pat and Betty to decorate their pad. I was supposed to meet Pat and Betty after work at 6pm. But the Costco where I printed pics for Jenn and Eric, said that I actually printed in another city! Shoot! So had to go all the way to San Jose. I was rushing all over the place, getting pictures printed, getting the flowers and cold stone ice cream to stock in the fridge. By the time I got everything, it was waaaayyy past 6pm. thankfully, they got me in and I got to prance and decorate to my hearts content. By the time I arrived, they had set up the lovely balloons and signage. 1st , put the Cold Stone ice cream in the fridge ( just in case I forgot and it melted). 2nd, place flowers in vase. And try to figure out how to arrange it. Oh I sucked at it, hopefully the flowers weren’t dead by the time they arrive the next morning. 3rd, wildly arrange wedding photos onto cork board. I wasn’t gonna mess with the love making master bedroom, BUT since I notice that Pat had already decorated in there….I figure it was free reign. Next thing I knew I was throwing photographs all over the place….stairs, bed, bano…They are so lucky I forgot the markers at home, or else I woulda gone ballistic all over their cars. Anyhoo, I was so pooped by the time I was done. I was so tempted to nap on the couch. Instead, I took a few photos, cleaned my ish up and headed home. Welcome home love bugs!

byw floral arrangement

byw floral arrangement

Today, I tried my hand at the floral arrangement method introduced by Leslie on Friday. I love flowers, actually they are one of my passions. I also have a passion for color and how all different colors and textures can work together. In this bouquet I started with Eucalyptus leaves and some other greens that the florist at our local Whole Foods had put together. Then I added Iris, which is so out of season right now but one of my favorite flowers (reminds me of my grandmother), some Safflower (the orange and green in the photo and then finally some baby spray roses in yellow and in orange (although the orange is on the other side of the vase) I arranged all the flowers outside on my back patio as it is a fabulous day here and I have great northern light to shoot photos with (no shadows) I chose a light blue vase and the display is sitting on a marble topped table outside my kitchen. Got to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can it will be too cold soon. I LOVED this project. I got such a high of excitement creating. I truly know this is a passion!!! Thanks so much Leslie for sharing your techniques and encouraging us to experiment.

how to arrange flowers in a vase

how to arrange flowers in a vase

Clear Vase with Metal Floral Arranging Crown and Olive Green Crystal Bead Tassels Gift Set

This lovely 5 inch tall clear vase set will help you make stunning and eye catching arrangements in just minutes. A metal crown gracefully sits over the top of the vase and creates a grid to help guide you in the placement of flowers, thus creating a floral arrangement that is easy, eye catching and professional looking in just minutes. Five elegant olive green crystal bead tassels gently hang down the sides of the crown, allowing them to gently sit on the glass vase to create sparkles and elegance to add to your floral arrangement.. It is a great tool for using with silk flowers or fresh flowers. You will get creative with each arrangement as you practice. The flowers just about arrange themselves within the metal grid, making this an absolute no brainer for beginners as well as advanced users. The best part is you can use this over and over again. This is also a great centerpiece maker for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays as well. Each vase comes wrapped in a lovely ivory organza bag which contains the metal crown and olive green crystal tassels as well as great instruction on how to create your beautiful arrangements with success. You will have fun with this set and it will get your creative side going with ease!

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