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Wedding Reception Flowers Pictures

wedding reception flowers pictures

wedding reception flowers pictures - Wallmonkeys Peel

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Bride Is Holding Flower Bouquet at the Wedding Reception - 24"W x 20"H Removable Graphic

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Bride Is Holding Flower Bouquet at the Wedding Reception - 24"W x 20"H Removable Graphic

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Wedding Quilt

Wedding Quilt

Several years ago I attended a Mormon wedding reception, and was impressed by the display of many homemade quilts given as gifts. I was especially struck by the quilt made by the bride's mother, worked up in the "wedding colors", no less!! A small spotlight made this intricately patterned beauty shine brightly in that room of music, lace and laughter.

"Someday I'll do that!" I thought. Another of my dreamy notions--especially since I've never quilted anything and hardly even sew.

When Sarah announced her engagement to Emerson early in 2005 I remembered my tucked-away dream, and called my sister Terri--The Amazing Quilter of the Family and my best friend and laughing partner in the world. Terri's passion was quilting, and she brought her accountant's love of precision to the art. She thought nothing at all of ripping out weeks of work if a corner wasn't perfect. Terri was also courageous and experimental--no quilting style or technique was too overwhelming to try. Amazingly, everything she tried turned into a masterpiece. I knew if anyone could, she would be able to guide me through the many steps of making a first quilt.

I called Terri to announce the engagement (hurrah!!) and immediately talk of "The Quilt" began. We discussed patterns--shall I copy the quilt Foster's mother gave us in 1975? Can a beginner do curves?? How much time do we need for this? We considered colors--has Sarah chosen any yet? Could we just pick them for her?! Obviously several trips between Terri's place in Seattle and mine in Spokane would have to be scheduled, with much shopping, lunching and of course--laughing.

Terri invited me to accompany her on an extra trip that May. She was working on a dream of her own: to take two grandchildren at a time to California, where we had grown up. While we were on the plane, as Josh and Aunna enjoyed the sights and activities of their first plane ride, Terri and I used the time to sketch possible quilt block patterns on a yellow legal pad...

Early in June Terri came to Spokane for Ken's graduation, carrying a gift bag with her latest creation: a quilt made using several of Ken's sports shirts. The quilt was an engineering feat, since sport shirts are slippery and have rounded necklines. Terri had found an innovative way to solve these logistical problems, that even the "ladies at the quilt store" (one's highest audience in the quilting world, by the way) were very, very impressed.

I put thoughts of the wedding quilt aside as we focused with Sarah on questions of receptions (Salt Lake, Spokane or both?) and the many details of a wedding. A trip to Seattle to visit Terri and begin serious work on the quilt was planned for the second week of August.

The day before Foster, Margaret and I were to leave for Seattle Terri's daughters called with the painful, staggering news that my sister--54 years old and in fine health--had died in her sleep sometime over the weekend. Since she lived alone, no one knew until she failed to appear at her job on Monday morning.

I'll write much more about my sister when I organize her pictures...for the purpose of this story, though, I'll just say that I was spiritually bruised and emotionally lost without Terri as my friend, confidante and life co-conspirator. We had many plans for the future together, and often joked that we hoped to end up in the same nursing home together...I was (and am, still) shaken by this sudden, immense loss.

But now, for the rest of the story.

One stereotype I really hate is the disdain the world seems to have for "church ladies" --so often portrayed as narrow-minded, self-righteous, cold and critical. I am, personally, in awe of a real, spiritually-mature, knows-how-to-get-things-done Church Lady--of ANY denomination. I think they make the world go round. My first real attraction to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was because of a Mormon woman. Her good cheer, kindness, confidence and all-around goodness shone for me like a light in the darkness. It was because of her that I felt, among other things, that the Church might just be okay.

The kind ladies at my Spokane ward knew about the upcoming wedding, and soon learned about the loss of my sister. Many of my Mormon "sisters" reached out according to their own talents--to listen, visit, bring a meal, share a book, and many other thoughtful acts.

Some may smile as they try to imagine the "The Little Spokane River Ward Quilting Group", but they would be ill-advised to underestimate the spiritual warriors diguised with sweet smiles and stacks of flowered cotton blocks. I was kindly invited to one of their Friday morning meetings, and placed on a couch with several "First Quilt" books to look through. "First you'll pick a pattern--then we'll go shopping," I was told. The following week Roselyn and Gaylene took me to the quilt store, and we chose eight (!) light and eight dar

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

These pictures were taken at my friend's wedding. I was not the official photographer, but definitely didn't resist taking pictures of the family. Congratulations Jeff and Eva!

wedding reception flowers pictures

wedding reception flowers pictures

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