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Passion for Roses: Peter Beales' Comprehensive Guide to Landscaping with Roses

Passion for Roses: Peter Beales' Comprehensive Guide to Landscaping with Roses

Often called the “king of roses,” Peter Beales is the world’s most acclaimed professional rose grower, and this book is the distillation of his 50 years of experience and knowledge into one essential volume. Within these handsomely illustrated pages is Beales’s unequalled advice on landscaping with roses as well as care and cultivation?all based upon his decades of experience breeding and selling the world’s finest roses.
There is a rose for every budget and every garden style, and this is the ideal book to use in selecting the perfect rose. Roses come in every size from miniatures just right for containers to the expansive climbing roses. The first part of the book explains the six different major groups of roses and profiles the best cultivars in each category. Peter Beales describes the best landscape uses for each rose, details their pros and cons, and describes their care. Interwoven throughout are his charming yet fascinating personal observations and reminiscences recalling experiences with roses, notable gardeners, and important breeders.
The last section of the book is an encyclopedic directory of roses that includes full color close-up pictures of each rose in full bloom, detailed descriptions, planting suggestions, hardiness factors, and information on care, cultivation, pests, and diseases. This sumptuously illustrated volume by Peter Beales will be the definitive guide to gardening with roses for years to come.

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Passion Flower vine #2 - Hexagonal white band in Corona : B 03

Passion Flower vine #2 - Hexagonal white band in Corona : B 03

On the way to the local corner shop to buy milk this afternoon I took the camera just in case, and had another look at the Passion Flower vine I photographed before.

Crossing the road a bit further down I saw another Passion Flower vine growing amongst a large Fuschia bush which was being visited by some industrious worker bees, anxious to make the most of what they know is one of the last warm weeks we'll have before the cold comes to kill their precious food supply.

If you're bored by bees and flowers, look away now and come back in nine photos time...



I was SO pleased when this passion flower vine put out this first and only, so far, bloom! I bought the plant at a local nursery and was excited to see the red flower. I've had the purple ones before, but my attempts to keep them alive under grow lights all winter didn't work out. I love the deep crimson of these petals. One thing I noticed is that this flower is a bit smaller than the purple ones.

buy passion flower

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